I Believe…

I believe that my healing work in the world is a gift from the Universe. I was born a sensitive soul, so that I can relate to other people. I am naturally intuitive, bright, and empathetic, and my own struggles on my path have shaped me into the healer I am.

I care about how people think and talk about mental health. I don’t see clients as broken or damaged goods, despite what many think or say. I see them as whole beings; I see their essence and their heart center.

I walk beside my clients and stand with them in their pain, sorrow, shame, and grief. I hold their secrets and their trauma stories gently in my hands and in my heart, so they can walk a little lighter through life. I hold hope during the darkest of days, even when they cannot see the light on the other side. I also carry their joys and excitements, celebrate their success, and see their resiliency and fierce inner determination to move through life in a new and different way.

I trust in my clients that they are precisely where they need to be — on their journeys in life and on my couch. And I trust that I am precisely where I need to be — on my journey in life and in my therapist’s chair.

As a therapist and healer, I support clients in all their emotions and experiences, with the intention that the ripple effect will travel far and wide throughout humanity. I believe that the movement of a butterfly’s wings affect the furthest star, just as the moon affects the tides. I hope that if I can make a difference in one person’s life, then my soul’s purpose has traveled around the Earth.

July 20, 2022

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