Therapy services in Massachusetts to create 
a life with more peace, ease, and enjoyment.

Maybe you’ve tried therapy before, maybe this is your first time. Maybe you are totally ready to address the problems in your life and make changes, or maybe you’re hesitant and don’t know what to do or who to turn to. Maybe you want to do the deep, inner, exploratory work to get to the root of your issues, or maybe you’d rather stay more surface-level and see what unfolds in time. 

Wherever you are on your path, it’s all welcome here! I am committed to seeing and hearing you, and offering empathy and support for whatever challenges you’re facing. Right now, you're exactly where you need to be, and we can work together to build a life you truly love living.

Women in business

→ Do you feel like you're caught in the whirlwind of busy-ness? If you're experiencing stress, anxiety, and fear, or are feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, and lie awake at night worrying, you may need support to deal with the craziness that your life has become. Are your needs taking a backseat, with everyone else, especially your business, in the front row? Maybe there's just no time between all your demanding commitments, and you find yourself constantly on-the-go, with no room for you to focus on your needs. Are you showing up in less-than-positive ways because you're running on empty? 

→  If so, I got you. Let's hit pause, take a breather, and find ways to recharge so you can show up in the ways you want to to live your best life possible. I am here to help support you with tried-and-true tools that can be tailored to you and your life. I also support female professionals through relationship and motherhood challenges, and all-the-feels that come with the pre-and-postpartum experiences.

By offering a pathway that is not-your-average “self-care suggestions”, (trust me, a bubble bath won’t “fix” your struggles —> been there + tried that = epic fail), I help women find more harmony in their lives. I've been right where you are, experimenting with countless strategies to help me feel better in my own life. Having discovered what truly works for me and my clients, friends, and family, I'm committed to customizing and tailoring therapy to fit your unique journey as a businesswoman.  

Life Transitions

→ Is life throwing you curveballs, like the big stuff — starting school or graduating, moving or buying a house, starting a new relationship or getting married, having kids or being an empty-nester? Or maybe you’re dealing with a new health diagnosis, family health challenges, or even poorly coping with tough losses and grief? 

→ If you feel like you're stuck at a crossroads, or maybe life is nudging you in a certain direction, it's common to be confused about the next steps, and those pros/cons lists might not be doing the trick. Or if you're feeling like everyone has an opinion about what you should do, it's no wonder you might be constantly overwhelmed by the next steps. Having a non-judgmental sounding board may be beneficial for you.

Adjusting to these turning points can be tough, but with a roadmap of small steps and actions that align with your path, we'll navigate through it together.


→ Are you fighting internally within yourself (hello, Inner Critic!), or externally with your partner, children, or parents, (or really anyone in your family network)? Do you often say things that are not effective, just so you can get your point across and be right?

→ Are you in the process of nurturing your connection with a higher power? Spirituality is a deeply personal journey that unfolds and deepens over time. Your curiosity and exploratory nature will lead the way to a stronger connection – to all. 

Let's explore the skills to communicate in healthier ways — both with yourself and others. We'll dive into your inner parts, navigate the key players in your life, and develop skills for healthier relationships.

emotional health

→ Ever find yourself caught in the ups and downs, wrestling with anxiety, or just feeling the blues or blahs in your day-to-day life? Anxiety and Depression can manifest in various ways, and symptoms can vary. Most commonly, sleep disruptions, worries, mood fluctuations, irritability, restlessness, fatigue, sadness, no enjoyment in anything anymore, and feeling guilty or bad about something. 

→ Are past traumas still casting a shadow over your life? Every big and small experience leaves its mark. Perhaps it's time to set aside the defenses and let go of that guarded edge. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to embark on a journey of processing and healing.

Whether you're grappling with new feelings or long-rooted ones from childhood, we can team up to bring stability to your life. Think of me as your go-to guide for navigating the complex terrain of anxiety, depression, and the effects of trauma.

If you desire a life that's calm, peaceful, and easy,
I'm here to be a guide and support you through the challenges you're currently facing.
Let’s work through it – together.
 I'm here to be your “partner in therapeutic crime.”