Mental Health Counseling (therapy in Massachusetts) and Emotional Wellness Yoga Instruction (worldwide) for adults who want to feel seen and more supported, learn skills and tools to cope with stressors, and create long-term changes to live a life with more enjoyment, peacefulness, and ease.

Are you experiencing
worry and stress or feeling blah and stuck in dealing with your day-to-day life?

Are you struggling to adjust to changes in your life – graduating school and entering the workforce, making a big move or buying a home, getting married or divorced, becoming a parent or grandparent, changing careers or retiring, a significant loss (a job, breakup, death, role in your life), or serious illness/disability (yourself or a loved one)?

Are you having difficulty coping with everyday stressors – managing your work/life balance, having conflicts in your relationships, or battling self-image and self-esteem issues?   

Who Am I?

  • I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (in Massachusetts) and an Emotional Wellness Yoga Instructor (worldwide). I offer virtual sessions in my private practice.
  • I'm also a dog mama and animal lover, writer and passionate lifelong learner, a visionary for living a purposeful life, and an advocate for mental health.  
  • I’m conscientious and value being authentic, intuitive, trustworthy, and thoughtful. I share honestly with a down-to-earth/relatable approach.  
  • I'm dedicated to changing the world by helping others to live life fully, and spreading genuine compassion and kindness.  

about joanna

Who Are You?

  • We work together on short-term and long-term goals.
  • We communicate openly and honestly with each other.
  • We consider all possibilities and implement changes.
  • We honor your therapy process and ongoing progress.


Who Are We Together?

  • You feel overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck in your life, or at a crossroads of making big changes.
  • You feel tired of navigating the daily-grind, and don't know how to cope with your worries or unhappiness.
  • You feel frustrated with your reactions and communication in your relationships with others.
  • You really want someone to talk to about your problems, and figure out how to make your life more calm, peaceful, and easy — now and in the long-term.
  • You know that living your life in a new and different way will be worth it.  



Clients find that therapeutic conversations between us are beneficial for sparking new ideas for making positive changes in their lives.  

Clients have shared that they find our therapy sessions to be unique, healing, beautiful, and powerful.

It’s the rapport, trust, safety, and comfort within our
genuine therapeutic relationship that promotes great
change and healing.

I support my clients with the intention that the ripple effect of their healing and lasting changes in their lives will travel far and wide throughout humanity. 

If you’ve done it "the hard way" in the past, I trust
you can do it again; however, I invite you to struggle less,
be more supported, and have an easier time in your life.

My online private practice can provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to process your thoughts and
feelings to cope with stressors in order to feel better about
yourself and your life.  

Yoga & Therapy
Joanna Barrett