Where are the sessions held?

How much time are appointments and how frequently do we meet?

Mental Health Counseling - I see clients in person at The Wellness Collective in Hanover, MA and also virtually throughout Massachusetts.

Emotional Wellness Yoga - I virtually see clients for yoga worldwide, or in-person along the South Shore of Boston. Grab your yoga mat, and we’ll get creative with props if you don’t have traditional yoga props. Just find a quiet space with no distractions. 

Professional Mentoring & Consultation - I virtually work with professionals nationally. I encourage you to carve out a quiet space and time for your business success. 

The standard meeting time for Mental Health Counseling is 50-55 minutes. The standard meeting time for Emotional Wellness Yoga is 75 minutes. Longer sessions and intensives may be available. It is up to you and me to determine the length of time of your sessions. Requests to change the session time need to be discussed for time to be scheduled in advance. 

Sessions may occur weekly, every two weeks (bi-weekly), or at another interval depending on your needs and goals.  

I reserve your appointment time just for you. Therefore, you will be charged the full fee for canceled or rescheduled sessions with less than 48 hours' notice. In the event of an unavoidable conflict or emergency, we may be able to make other arrangements to avoid the cancellation fee (e.g. rescheduling an appointment for the same week). If you are more than 15 minutes late for a session, we will need to reschedule and a full fee will be charged. For Mental Health Counseling: if you are not in the State of Massachusetts or a quiet, confidential space during the time of our telehealth session, we will need to discontinue our session and you will be charged the full fee.

Discounted rates may be available based on financial need. 

Mental Health Counseling - An Intake Session is $250, and Therapy Sessions are $225. 
I'm an Out-of-Network (OON) provider and provide monthly Superbills (a fancy receipt) for you to submit to your insurance company. If your insurance covers Out-Of-Network providers, they may reimburse you for part of my fee. Need a list of questions about OON benefits to ask your insurance company? Fill out the New Client Inquiry Form, and I’ll send you the questions to ask your insurance company. You can then circle back around with me to discuss! 

I choose to work with individuals (you), not for insurance companies. I believe that the most effective care includes tailoring each treatment plan to meet your unique needs - not meeting the rigid guidelines of the insurance company, which frequently dictate the course of treatment. Insurance companies - not you or me - decide how many sessions are appropriate for your treatment and the length of those sessions. They also dictate which diagnoses to cover and if they want to cover telehealth. They are able to request my notes at any time, and I don’t want your personal information shared. Additionally, private information shared with your insurance company may be stored in the Medical Information Bureau where it can be accessed in the future by other parties such as life insurance companies (which may prevent you from enrolling in life insurance, or cost you more). 

As a private-pay therapist, I am not obligated to provide a diagnosis or disclose any medical records unless explicitly requested or mandated by a judge’s court order. As a client engaging with a private-pay therapist, you retain complete autonomy over your treatment choices, including the selection of your therapist, the duration of therapy, and its frequency. Please note that if you are submitting Superbills for OON reimbursement, a diagnosis is required by the insurance company and will be listed on your Superbill.  

Emotional Wellness Yoga - An intake session is $250, and subsequent 75-minute sessions are $225. Longer intensives are available upon request. Workshops at local Massachusetts yoga studios are also available upon request. Yoga is not covered by insurance. 

Professional Mentoring & Consultation - Fees are generally based on an hourly rate of $125. However, fees may vary based on the needs of the professional, the services offered, and the time commitment. I offer discounted rates to professionals who have less than three years in business or who have financial needs. Please inquire about rates to discuss.  

what are your rates and what insurance do you take?

What is your cancellation policy?

Our initial contact during the 20-minute consultation call is like a trial run for us to see if we may be a good fit for working together. You can ask me anything, and we’ll get to know each other a bit. I'm all ears for your questions, and I'm excited to learn more about you! No strings attached – just a relaxed conversation to see if we're a good fit. To officially start the process, just complete and submit the short New Client Inquiry Form.

What’s the purpose of a consultation call?

I’m human first. I am guided by a strong value of seeing the humanity of the person in front of me. I am here to be of service and support you, no matter what you’ve been through or where you are in your life. No judgment and no shame, ever.  

Mental Health Counseling - I commonly utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Internal Family Systems (IFS). I may also apply techniques from various Mindfulness practices as well. Journaling and other creative modalities may be part of the session, as well. I may recommend additional work between sessions to accelerate the pace of change and reinforce what we're working on during our sessions. This extra effort outside our meetings can enhance the overall progress of your journey.

Emotional Wellness Yoga - Asana (physical movements), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mantra (affirmations), Mudra (hand positions), Meditation (visualization), and Yogic Philosophy are seamlessly woven into personalized sessions. Guiding clients to promote inner and outer healing, restore balance, and increase vitality – fostering an optimal state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, both on and off the yoga mat.

Professional Mentoring & Consultation - Whether you are a new yoga teacher or therapist, I have walked a similar path. I can provide support in general business development, editing website copy or directory listings, time management, organization, refining scheduling, and streamlining processes. I specialize in supporting yoga teachers to build confidence, refine sequencing, and develop engaging workshops. I have been blessed with amazing mentors and guides to help me along the way, and I am similarly giving back to support others on this path.  

In addition, I collaborate with companies to customize corporate wellness programs. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in discussing your specific requirements and how I can support your employees. I am available as a guest speaker for podcasts and participate as a presenter at local and national conferences. For more details, please refer to my Media Kit.

What are your guiding principles and approaches?

You may have noticed the lotus flower in my logo and on my website. Much like the lotus rising through the mud to blossom into a beautiful flower, our paths lead us through life's challenges, sometimes navigating through difficulties. It's a journey from darkness to light, akin to the lotus journeying from the depths to the surface. Just as the lotus stem remains anchored in the Earth, we are continually supported and guided toward achieving wholeness and wellness. It's a symbolic representation of resilience and growth throughout the seasons of our lives. (Many thanks to artist Elizabeth Kenney for the hand-drawn lotus flower).

Why do you have a Lotus Flower on your logo and website?