The Soul’s Rest

I asked my Soul what she needed.

Rest, she said. 

Enjoyment, she said. 

Nourishment, she said. 

Sleep, she said. 

Stretching, she said. 

Breathing, she said. 

Nothingness, she said. 

And so, I listened. 

I listened with every fiber of my being. 

I listened with all my senses. 

I listened deep into the well of my heart. 

I whispered, I hear your sorrow and burnout. 

I whispered, I see your weary and tired. 

I whispered, I honor you. 

I whispered, we’ll get through this all together. 

And so, I re-membered my parts and my inner landscape.

I put the pieces of my inner being back together.

I stand beside you, hand-in-hand; I showed her.

I followed through with my intention.

I’m with you, I shared.

I’ll meet you where you are.

And we’ll walk this path together. 

May 31, 2022

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