My Body

My body, I welcome her as my home. 

Where my essence resides, she houses the gateway to my heart. Holding my thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams within, she is the boundary between my physical being and the world surrounding me. 

On this earthly plane for a finite period of time, she is the temple space I’ve been given and gifted, for only this lifetime. Withstanding life since 1986, she is beautiful with curves, scars, and blessings of aging. 

Perfectly imperfect, she functions in miraculous ways that I scientifically cannot explain. Speaking softly to me at times and screaming loudly to get her point across, she has me listen and appreciate the insights and messages. 

As I reclaim what is mine, she is no longer unappreciated or dismissed. Strong and supple, vulnerable and sensitive, she is the greatest gift. 

My body, I welcome her home. 

August 16, 2022

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