About Last Weekend…

By Joanna Barrett, LMHC, E-RYT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Emotional Wellness Yoga Instructor

About last weekend: I did a thing.  A pretty big thing, especially for me… 

I filmed yoga videos!

Though I’m not yet sharing all the details of this project, please know that this one-of-a-kind offering is expected to be released later this year or in early 2024 (at this point in mid-August, it’s not that far away)!  

I’m still somewhat in disbelief that my vision has unfolded so beautifully, and that I was actually in front of professional video cameras.  And here’s why: 

For my whole life, and up until not that long ago, I experienced a deep fear of being in front of a video camera.  True, I love being in front of the lens for still photography and it feels fun and natural for me, but I hadn’t felt that same love or enjoyment for video recordings.  

For decades, my inner-critic, self-doubt, and fear of judgment have guided me away from video filming (despite multiple requests over the years from therapy clients and yoga students for guided yoga and meditation practices).  What I learned is that avoiding these parts of myself isn’t actually helpful for me.  Instead, I learned to work WITH these parts of myself through the framework of Internal Family Systems (IFS).  

I heard these parts loud and clear from within (at times screaming and shrieking at me to avoid filming at all cost).  I acknowledged, listened closely, and validated what these parts of myself wanted to share with me.  They certainly have some truth to them.  And they have good intentions: to protect me.  

Once I appreciated and honored those parts, they quieted down enough for me to realize that my passion to bring this project to life is greater than my fear.  I was able to actually take a step forward and not be paralyzed in my Sympathetic Nervous System’s “freeze mode.”

I was actually able to not only take a single step forward, I was able to envision the path unfolding in front of my very eyes and walk confidently into the weekend.    

And so, behind the professional cameras and detailed eyes of Vivineer LLC, 15 yoga videos (and several speaking videos) were filmed last weekend.  Magic was captured within me and all around me.  This weekend was like a pleasant dream, except it actually, really happened (and I have proof with behind-the-scenes footage)! 

I spent a total of 20+ hours at Lori Scott Yoga (Quincy, MA) from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening; reviewed my sequences countless times; centered and grounded myself over and over again by inhaling and exhaling mindful, deep breaths; laughed and smiled at the joy and comfort I felt in each moment; and afterwards I felt (and still feel) centered, calm, and confident in my heart’s work in this world.  I trust that what I have to offer has value, and will change the lives of countless people who need it.     

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Many thanks to so many people (and to just begin to name a few):

  • Lori from Lori Scott Yoga (for our friendship and generously agreeing to let me film in her incredible yoga space)
  • Kristie from The Soul Project (for the women who individually and collectively inspire me to dream big and reach my goals)
  • Michael from Vivineer LLC (for his commitment to my project and all the hard work that he puts into his passions)
  • Elena Brower & Michelle Martello (for their mentorship program and community, which inspires me daily)
  • Joohi from Happii Today (for the apparel collaboration to create a custom top with my Om symbol)
  • Sailynn from Passion Purpose Posture & Lucita from Connections in Counseling (who helped spark the original ideas)
  • Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority (whose members I taught on Facebook Lives during COVID – my first introduction to livestreaming and teaching yoga on video)
  • The communities of yogis at Healing Tree Yoga, South Boston Yoga, and all the yoga students who have requested videos and audios from me 
  • To my yoga teachers and guides, who always provide great wisdom for my growth and expansion
  • And to the many friends, family members, and professional colleagues who believe in my work and helped bring this project forth: deep gratitude from my heart to yours.   

August 16, 2023

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