Honoring a Pet’s Legacy After Pet Loss

The Ebb and Flow of Pet Loss and Honoring a Pet’s Legacy

Interview with “Getting Real with Gloria”

Gloria Herdt and I chat about navigating pet loss and how honoring your pet’s memory can bring meaning and richness to life. We discussed how everyone’s grief journey is unique and the many different practices and resources out there that can help ease the pain. My hope is that this interview may help support you and others who are coping with pet loss.

Keeping Blake’s Legacy Alive: The Blake Ross Memorial Fund for Pit Bulls 

After Blake passed away unexpectedly from heart failure in January, I created a memorial fund to have Blake’s legacy live on and help other Pitbulls be adopted to loving homes.  I named it “The Blake Ross Memorial Fund for Pit Bulls”.  

This fund helps homeless pit bulls at Second Chance Animal Services (East Brookfield, Massachusetts) by offering a reduced adoption fee for pit bulls and providing veterinary care to pit bulls that may be needed to prepare them for adoption.

Please consider donating to The Blake Ross Memorial Fund at Second Chance Animal Services.

July 1, 2023

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