Mental Health: Read these 15 Lines when you feel Worthless.

I see beyond your diagnosis: a letter to my soul.

I see you daily. I know you by name.

I know when you were born, where you live, who your insurance company is, and what you’ve been diagnosed with.

But I am here to tell you that in my eyes, you are not reduced down to any of that.

I see beyond all of this.

I see beyond your darkest secrets, and the suffering that entrapment brings. I see your determination to move beyond the past. I see beyond your failings and remorse for all that you regret.

I see your longing for forgiveness, mostly toward yourself, for the actions you’ve chosen.

I see beyond your rage-full anger, both directed at yourself and others. I see the opportunity for peaceful and meaningful love.

I see beyond your heartbreak and hardship, beyond the pain and sorrow. I see the deep well of release that occurs with each wave of sadness.

I see beyond your deepest fears and the anxious worries you have about the future. I see your full range of resourcefulness and capabilities.

I see your great desires, boundless curiosities, and opportunities for vast new beginnings. I see your expansive range of depth and bountiful possibilities.

I see the immeasurable courage you have to bring these forth.

I see your intrinsic nature from deep within.

I see your essence.

Do you?

May 5, 2019

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